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burg lichtenberg

burg lichtenberg

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  • TravelingAmerican787
    What an amazing castle! Large grounds to walk on. Lots of places to explore and your imagination just runs wild with the large towers, walls, entries, slits, museums, amphitheater, beautiful restaurant and even a children's playground. If have already seen the big castles, like in Heidelberg, and you are on your way to France, stop off at this hidden gem.
  • jaarons-32034
    Excellent diner. Enjoyed the specials. Most plates were $8 to $21 euros which is reasonably priced. Many items were large enough to split/share. All items a smaller childrens portion was available for less. I had the roast beef special with spatzle and red cabbage and thought it was great. I enjoyed my Karlsberg Beer. The ambience was nice. It was a little warm, and of course being warm summer and open air expect a few flies (normal not excessive). Views are amazing.
  • PIPEL1961
    Visited the grounds today while visiting our son, daughter-in-law, and 2-1/2 year old grandson. Although ruins, there is a good map and description of the history of the castle in several languages. We spent about an hour and a half walking the grounds. The 360 degree view from the tower was great, especially since it was a sunny day. There are some tours ( on Sundays I think). We weren't able to visit the museums but they looked fascinating. Our grandson enjoyed running around and climbing the stairs etc. Quite a site.
  • hammerholt
    The castle itself is not so much a lot of ruins, the center tower is completely climbable, there has been a lot of effort to make it more and better than just a castle in ruins. they have a restaurant and cafe, the banana split was outstanding. there is a museum and some children's activities, and some restored and or saved areas which were interesting. We were lucky to arrive on a weekend when they were hosting a Mid-Evil festival that was very cool, right away we noticed the prices for festival booth items were very reasonably priced, in some cases more than 50% off what they would have been at a state side renaissance fair. I would not drive a long way to see this castle along when there are far better choices all around Germany, but if your in the area it's worth a gander.Traveler
  • UGADawg2006
    The castle is a wonderful place for people of all ages. You can spend an afternoon just walking around the ruins and have a great time. Or, for those who are hungry for more information, they also have two museums (one, a history of the castle and the other a history of the area, geologically). There is also a restaurant on site (hours vary based on day/time of year). Additionally, it has a picnic area with a playground for children. The castle holds market's throughout the year (Christmas, Easter, etc.). If you go on a clear, sunny day you will be treated to wonderful views of the surrounding area.
  • ConnieD858
    The Christmas market in December 2012 was very busy and well attended. Great atmosphere and loved the costumes of so many people depicting the Middle ages. A fun time, though very, very cold. A lovely view from the site and easy to get to. GPS works well when locating.
  • Mtmiller72
    Perhaps I am spoiled...visited several castles/Burgs and I guess I am not impressed much by ruins. However, there was a high point that was accessible so to get a great view of the area.
  • tjhess74
    The castle is an easy and beautiful drive through the German countryside. Once there, parking is easy and plentiful. Even on a busy day, the grounds are large enough that you will feel like you are alone most of the time. It is amazing to look at the castle design and the thickness of the walls. There is a tower that offers great views. It is a few stories up by way of stairs and has open windows at the top.There are restaurants and small stores on the grounds as well as a geology museum. You can climb on the walls and explore the ruins at your leisure.
  • AmandaO_11
    This is a great visit. The castle was very easy to find with close/easy parking. The castle, although In Ruins (very ruined) is still very large and cool to see. Some extra research will help you appreciate what your seeing. Be sure to climb the flights of stairs up the tower. It has wonderful 360 views! Best of all the parking and castle are free! If your American military this is a wonderful 30 min trip from Ramstein. Food and clean restrooms are available also.
  • Seantig
    Great stop with amazing views for miles; two interesting museums, and a romantic ruin to climb over, Useful pub right there too, next to the youth hostel!
  • MUPhillips
    This past weekend we visited the Medieval Fest at Schloss Lichtenberg. The medieval fest was, by far, the largest and most entertaining we've seen in this area so far. The castle encompasses quite a large area and it took a while to cover everything the fest had to offer. There were many booths offering anything from incense to toy swords and sheilds. Time accurate costumes were worn by all the participants and many visitors as well. Food, drink and adult beverages were readily available even if you had to stand in line for a few minutes. This castle would be a nice visit on other days as well or during their Christmas Fest. There is a fine restaurant located here within the walls one should consider.
  • JLGabroad
    This series of castle buildings and ruins is very accessible to families with young children, and is also entertaining for people of all different age groups and interests. The ruins are impressive and the grounds are fairly well-maintained. We were there with a fairly rugged stroller, and we even saw an older lady there with a walker. There is a restaurant and cafe on site as well. This is a good place to go if you have a couple free hours and nothing else planned. Best of all: FREE.
  • jsgermany
    Burg Lichtenberg is known to be the largest castle ruins in Germany. There are gorgeous views in every direction from the castle tower. This is definitely a family-friendly place to go, as kids can climb on the walls and roam the ruins. There are gecko-like lizards climbing around the walls which seemed to be a huge interest to all of the kids that were along on our trip there. Be sure to wear comfy shoes. While there is a restaurant on site, we packed a picnic lunch and laid out a blanket and relaxed the afternoon away. When we first arrived at the Burg when it opened, we were the only families there. When we left three or four hours later, more and more families were beginning to arrive. Bathrooms on site also. Main concern would be elders who can't walk the uneven cobblestone or climb the flights of stairs in the tower. Definitely take a camera with you....great photo ops and amazing views. Would be a perfect place for a family photo!
  • 144juergenu
    Sehr Sauber, freundlich und hilfsbereit.Das Essen war reichlich und die Auswahl war gut.Jedes Zimmer hat eine Dusche und WC.Das Burggelände ist für die Kinder ein Paradies.Hervorragend für Wanderer.
  • kaiw241
    Die größte Burganlage Deutschlands zeigt mit Ihren Ausmaßen das Leben im Mittelalter. Vom Bergfried hat man einen schönen Ausblick über das Kuseler Land.
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