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burg eltz

burg eltz

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  • MCK1669
    A historic castle located in a dramatic, heavily forested location. As the title says, a must see if you're in the Rhineland. Set aside half a day to drive there, have a look around, and then perhaps drive to Cochem for lunch/dinner. English language tour guides are available and there's a souvenir shop.
  • charlesc495
    The Eltz family has continuously lived in this castle since 1100's. They still live in a small part of it and the rest is open for tours. What's best is the walk/hike through the woods to get there. Take DB to Moselkern and walk. For lazy people, take your car and park at car park above the castle. But walk through the woods, along Eltz stream is the best!
  • EnglishTeacherIvyE
    I love the fact that you'll have to take the trail that leads to the forest to get to see this. Parking is huge and costs 2 euro, entrance was 9 euro per adult and washrooms, souvenir shops, snack bars are available outside. If you are a bigger eater just like I am - better have a bite on a resto on the way specially if you're a healthy eater. The castle's interior is very intriguing and well kept, it's just a pity it's not allowed to take pics while in it. Tours are given in German and English.On the way back, we saw 2 red mini buses that could take you back the clearing for 2euro - and takes 2 minutes. Hike takes at least 15 minutes. I think the bus is very useful for oldies.
  • PatrickD126
    This was not my first visit. We visited Burg Eltz earlier this spring, but it was still closed for the season. At this time, I was impressed. I couldn't have imagined what the inside was like.This was by far one of the nicest castle visits to date. Burg Eltz is still privately owned and occasionally lived in (parts, at least).You can catch a shuttle bus down to the castle, but if you're up to it, do the walk. The castle sit by itself, literally in the middle of nowhere.The tour is fantastic, but no pictures. While you're waiting for the guided tour, there is a museum area full of artifacts that you can look at (and take pictures). It's worth a look. I did get scolded (mildly) once for touching something. Sorry, I couldn't help it.After the tour we had lunch at the restaurant. Food was good. The restaurant had outdoor seating that overlooked the stream below. After eating, I had to take a walk to the bottom. It was worth it, because you see this grand castle from a different view. I'm not sure what the fee was for the tour. Our host picked up the tab.This was as excellent visit and would recommend it to anyone.
  • MarcioMO
    I visited many castles in UK, Germany and France, but definitely it's the castle of my dreams. If you intend to go there, I recommend that you take the charming forest way. The towers of this castle were beautiful like tales towers.
  • danielfG2693CW
    Burg Eltz is one of the few castles unharmed through it's history and the family has kept it intacted. It has furnishings from the 1400s and design from 1700s. Of course Neuschwanstein is the famous caste of Germany but it is only from the 1800s. Burg Eltz is from the 1200s. I've lived in Germany for 25 years and finally found a really old place true to it's heritage.
  • Nitafruitcarving
    Beautyful castle. one of best castle. romantic nice for walk around the castle. Really can imagine life stlye from long times ago love it!! should visit really in you will in love with this castle and also very close to most beautyful place Rhine river.
  • cheefbadger
    This is a beautiful place to visit, I took my family there and didn't tell them anything about it so the gasps of delight when the place was finally revealed were absolutely worth it. There is no point taking the little bus to the castle, the walk is easy and doesn't take very long at all - and the reveal is much more spectacular. Everyone agreed that it was the highlight of their trip and I can't recommend it highly enough. The history is interesting and the building itself is just amazing. You must must must go here - put it on your list, Outside of Bayern this has to be the best castle I have ever been to.
  • Rexonaut
    It is one of the best German old castles. Its pretty old, authentic and has inside lot of original stuff to see. Its also well renovated. If weather is nice, take a walk. It is worth to take guided tour. Our guide was prey good and interesting.
  • firuzearslanazi
    Dear firuzearslanazi,sorry that the Castle was closed when you came to visit. We are open every day from 1st of April until 1st of November, from 9:30 until 17:30, including weekends and public holidays. Unfortunately we close after the 1st of November, which is when you came to visit us. I hope you will have a chance to come again and see the Castle when we are open. Kind RegardsJakob Eltz
  • tms2indub
    A lovely setting. Don't bother with the shuttle if you can walk - its a lovely stroll through the woods ( about 1km). Have to pay 2 euros for parking which was a bit annoying.We had to wait 30-40 minutes for an English tour. The guide had excellent English but really only repeated what was in the pamphlet we were given at the ticket office. We were sorry afterwards that we didn't just tag along with a German tour and read the pamphlet as we went through the rooms. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area - especially for that beautiful first glimpse of the castle!
  • M2100
    This castle is amazing - it's the real deal, truly authentic, even while seeming somehow magical like a theme park. The walk from the parking lot is peaceful and beautiful, and upon reaching the overlook and seeing the castle perched on a rock in this little valley, it's really breathtaking. BTW we did the walk with 18-month and 5-year old kids and they did just fine - it's downhill on the way to the castle and uphill on the way out. The tour is quite good, with tour guides who speak excellent English and answer lots of questions. The treasure rooms are cool to see as well, and my daughter was pleased that there is indeed a real, old treasure chest. We had lunch at the upper outdoor restaurant, and while nothing special foodwise it's a great location and makes the visit an unrushed daytrip. Walking from the castle down some stairs and a path to the Eltz River was also nice.
  • cmjngsj
    Don't bother with the shuttle unless you are unable to take the 15 minute walk through the woods. Nice castle and make sure you get the tour in your language,
  • DDfromSF
    I recommend walking to the castle from the parking lot on the walking path, it's wide and mostly downhill, but the view when you turn the corner and see the castle is delightful. The tour is worth the cost of admission. It's a bit confusing for non-German speakers to figure out where the tours start, so ask for help. They do have English tours, just ask. If not, they also have an English pamphlet that explains each room as you go along, that would work, too.We took the shuttle back to the parking lot.
  • ChrisdeCani
    We were encouraged to visit this elaborate pile of bricks that sits atop a rock deep within a forest by grown up children who had visited many moons ago,Following what we thought were the correct signs, Madam and myself parked the car and set off on a trek of multiple miles through dense forest and along a river in inappropriate footwear before the turrets of this place peeked through the undergrowth like an oasis in the desert. Scaling the steps, we approached the outer walls and were met by the defenders of this hall who following initial skirmishes ,agreed to a ransom of nine euro a head to gain entry to the inner walls.Which we stumped up and wandered through to the central court, still bearing the twigs and bracken of our jungle odyssey.The chap who conducted the English speaking tour was a star, and should be given his own game show, or at the very least be permitted to present the weather.Burg Eltz is a stunning place to visit and stands as a testimony to the knack of playing both sides of any conflict. Superbly maintained and great value. Madam and myself restored our energies with a drop of Reisling and two bowls of green soup with a sausage placed discretely within.With our flag planted Madam and myself began our perilous return home, pausing only to congratulate the crowd of people able to interpret teutonic road signs who waited patiently for a bus ride to their vehicles.If the castle hadn't been so fabulous, the mood would have been distinctly dark on our return home, as a pair of Jimmy Choos were relegated to emergency use only (Madam's not mine) and a request put in for another pair
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