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old market square (altmarkt)

old market square (altmarkt)

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  • Anakha
    Altmarkt is a large square where events sometimes take place. It's not an ugly square, but it isn't really impressive either. I'd say just a place to pass by when you're walking from point A to point B.
  • Yep2Happy
    There were a few little huts with food and drinks. I also enjoy watching people ice skate. It's a great area for kids. I am so impressed by how much work Dresden put in to making it so splendid. The buildings were amazing. I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised at all the splendid buildings.
  • Hitchiker_bear
    A three week Christmas market visit, taking in Vienna, Prague, Regensburg , Erfurt, Nuremberg and some lesser towns; for us the Dresdener Streizelmarkt in Dresden's Altmarkt were the most outstanding.Especially dazzling is the exceptional effort taken in the imaginative decoration of the outside of the individual stalls. Stall holders are obviously very competitive with the result that everyone’s stall is the best. Stalls swathed in a profusion of Christmas greenery, lights, wine barrels, large sausages, gingerbread houses, witches, sleighs, and other decorative touches which shout “this is my impressive stall I dare others to be more striking and or to stand-out more. Stalls in other Christmas Market towns lacked the individuality and profusion of decorative elements to the exterior of stalls. A visit to stalls in the Dresdiner Striezelmarkt were a delight both in daylight as well as night-time. Classic, humorous, brightly decorated, comic themes. Stalls in most cities were their most dazzling at night, relying mainly on bright lights and appeal of their wares to the visitor, and certainly did not have the overall appeal or Christmas appeal of those in Dresden.
  • tripl3thr33
    We went there for the Christmas market. It is just like any other Christmas markets in Germany. Same food, same price. Best view is from Church of the Holy Cross.
  • RoyL65
    But only if you are comfortable with crowds as that is what you will get,having said that they are friendly happy bunch. Lovely to see families out mixing and drinking hot wine from mid morning to late evening with no noticable drunks,Fight's or heavy police presents as it would be in the UK..........sort of embarrassing.Go at Christmas it will cheer ya up.
  • Kitsambler
    Christmas markets are located in squares and arcades throughout the Altstadt area. Notable ones include the Frauenkirche, the main market (Streiselmarkt), and a medieval market in the Schloss (behind the tiled frieze). All the markets include many regional products: Erzgeberge wooden figures and window arches, tree ornaments in wood and glass, some quality gifts, as well as the usual wurst and hot drinks. The famous sweet is Dresdenr Stollen here, not Lebkuchen. Opening days and times vary with the individual market. Opening day for the main market is the Thursday before first Sunday in Advent; the associated church service and following parade are very worthwhile. Dresden has the nicest markets on the Elbe and these are different from other areas such as Nuremberg. Highly recommended.
  • jooplent
    The square might be rather boring when there is no christmas market, but this christmas market is one of the oldest of germany and the stalls all have special decorations on the roof. So do not only look at what is sold, but also what is shown above the stalls.
  • worldTravelerUSA2009
    i live in Berlin for 2 years, and will move back to the US next year so I made a special day visit to the Christmas market at the Altmarkt, the oldest market in Germany, over 500 years old. It's a very traditional market indeed. While the products are similar to the Christmas market in Berlin, the stalls are incredibly decorated with themes of Christmas and Dresden history. If you ever have a chance to visit Dresden during Christmas season, pay attention to the decorations on top of the stalls. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to stay long enough to enjoy the stages because we went to the Tropical Islands, one hour away between Dresden and Berlin, our favorite winter resort spot in Berlin. Another thing we went Dresden for the day is to buy the fruit cake, not stollen that is known in Dresden, but the Bavarian style frutcake but better than Bavarian because the fruitcake from this shop Emil Riemann is packed with raisins, dates and nuts, very dense, but the best with little flour. The shop keeper was shocked that my husband bought 8 of them.
  • peterbK3826XQ
    we were visiting Dresden to attend a performance at the Opera but coincidentally were there in time for the Christmas markets. This market alone (there are several other smaller markets) puts most others to which we have been to shame, in terms of size, variety and character. The sights, smells and sheer volume of 'stuff' on show and for sale is immense. Both the Friday and Saturday we were there the crowds were huge and made walking around quite difficult. But it was well worth the effort.
  • getaway25
    Visited 3 fabulous Christmas markets in Dresden all on the same day as they are all very near each other. The first one was in the Altmarkt, which is the main square. It is cobblestoned and has a good selection of stalls selling decorations, food and drink. There are also lots of little stages in the middle showing puppet shows and interactive shows for the kids as well as music for the adults. The stalls are very attractively decorated with lots of lights and are set out in ordered rows so it's possible to work your way through the stalls. There is a huge Christmas tree right in the middle which is completely covered in lights which adds to the festive spirit. Infront of the tree is a viewing platform from which you can get some great pictures of the square from above. All around you, you are also surrounded by a modern shopping mall if you want a different shopping experience. This Christmas market is at the Altmarkt tram stop which is really handy.The other Christmas market was near the Dresden Frauenkirche which is a 2 minute walk from here. Look out for it on your map. Along the way we walked past a historical archaeological dig which has been unearthed from medieval times and is still being exposed. We were very lucky to walk past the Frauenkirche around 6 pm when they conduct a choral prayer service which is followed by a talk about the history of the church and a tour. The inside of the church is beautiful and the organ music was wonderful. The Lord's Prayer and a few prayers which you could join in followed. This lasted about 20 minutes and was then followed by a talk on the history of the church and a tour of it. Did not stay as all of it was in German. The markets around were more spread out but on a smaller scale but still beautifully lit up with live music playing on top of one of the rotating exhibits. This is supposed to be medieval markets but apart from seeing a few stall holders dressed in olden day clothes, that was about as medieval as it got. There were horse drawn carriages that you could buy tickets for that took you for a short ride around the area. A lovely atmosphere surrounded by the imposing buildings, cobblestone paths and open fireplaces which you could sit around to warm up. Definitely worth checking out. The next market which is a short two stops away is the Augustusmarkt.you can't miss the golden rider statue at the entrance.This market is set in a mile long line which crosses many streets. It was so long that I would suggest doing it separately only from a stamina point of view. Still beautifully lit down the main aisle and all the white tented stalls are also covered in lights. About halfway down is a completely covered leafless tree which is ablazoned with lights. Many stalls sell similar wares to the other markets with a few different items in jewellery and wooden products. The most noticeable difference of this market though was the international variety of foods stalls. The food available apart from the German fare was Chinese, African, Latin American, Russian, Hungarian to mention a few. well worth the visit.
  • 197stevee
    I went to the Altmarkt for the Christmas markets in Dresden. The square is really the place to visit during Christmas with the markets, decorations and all the wonderful food choices! Though the square is definitely a site to see, even without the markets. The buildings are excellent architecturally and it has many historic sites nearby. Good access to transportation and food as well, especially if near Christmas. Definitely worth a visit, in December if it's at all possible!
  • ELear
    The square not only has the famous Dresden Christmas Market in December. There's also a Harvest Market (Herbstmarkt - on every day middle of September to the beginning of October, and a Spring Market (Frühjahrsmarkt - April/May). Great atmosphere, live music, stalls selling delicious local produce (cheese, bread, leather, fish, sausage, cakes...) and other things, and huts with benches and tables where you can sit down and eat. Excellent food cooked in front of your eyes, good beer, unbeatable prices. Also rides, etc for children. There are public toilets in the middle of the square and a cash machine outside the Dresdner Bank.
  • Don49680
    Beautiful town square with many historical structures, most of which had to be rebuilt after the city was nearly destroyed by allied bombs during WWII. Many restaurants in the square as well as a porcelain factory you can visit (fee charged).
  • nemanja1205
    It is really cool place, has that old towns charm which all Dresden has. Worth a visit. I enjoyed it very much.
  • DawnmarieO
    We were very lucky that their was autumn makert going on while we visiting. Dresden, cute little shops with food and little goodies to buy. If their is a market going on it is worth seeing.
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