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royal palace (residenzschloss)

royal palace (residenzschloss)

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  • Anakha
    I hadn't planned on visiting Residenzschloss, but as it was raining, the previous royal palace was a perfect place to hide. There are several exhibitions here for which you only need one ticket. However, you need a separate ticket for the Historic Green Vault. I visited the Turkish Chamber and was impressed by the modern exhibition room and the amount of items on display.After that, I headed to the Armory, which really surprised me. I've visited quite a few museums displaying armor from the Middle Ages already, but the Residenzschloss has a collection of completely intact armor of noble men, richly decorated and often real works of art. They're displayed in such a way that you expect them to walk away any minute as if they were worn by real men.Only downside may be that you're not allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition rooms.
  • aaiandrea
    August sure knew how to live and gladly he liked the french, wonderful place to see. Spending as little time as we did, it was not possible to see all there is
  • louisf592
    just visit the gardens , talke a walks around the grounds , if you have time, and money, pay and have a look at the porcelain museum and its rich display
  • Joasphoto
    The treasure kept inside this palace is definitely one of the most impressive things that I ever seen in my life, and believe me, I've seen a lot of thing in this world. Don't miss it. If you have only one hour in Dresden, don't waste a minute, the Royal Palace is the place to go. €12 admission, worth it every cent.
  • Dee_Jhb
    The Royal Palace has very interesting exhibits and you can easily spend two hours wondering around. The only drawback, you can't take any photo's at all.
  • RoyL65
    I guess in normal circumstance I would by pass this place as there is so much of more interest to me in Dresden,today my wife insisted and have to say it was pretty good. Close to the transport museum which may be a bonus to my reader...but go see,it may surprise you.
  • gic2512
    We hosted the grune jammer and nothing prepares you for the unbelievable treasures in each room. Don't miss when you are in Dresden - it is really something special - even if you are not a great fan of Barock
  • geisat_12
    It's centraly located! From al the history I could see the part that I liked most was the jousting!!! There is a great selection of armours and swords!The jewlery ornamented swords and horse equipments were also very beautiful!
  • MZ123461
    It was destroy at 1945, but now you can see it as it was in his best days about 1700. There are 2 tours, the old part and the new part. Do both. You can NOT take pictures inside :-(
  • Sonny-A-H
    When in town for a business meeting our friends decided to stay overnight as well. They had been in town at certain occasions allready so the question came up, what to do this time? At a foggy and rainy November day we decided for the Royal Palace of Dresden. This decision was very good. We were surprised by extremely friendly employees of the castle who devoted themselves excellently the visitor and oriented us absolutely smoothly in the showrooms. Then in a group of four we are followed of the persuasive texts and guidance by the audio guides.wonderfully how Dresden offered us thus a really impressive Monday morning
  • ELear
    Apart from the old and the new Green Vaults (which I've written about in another section), I saw the Turkish Rooms, the Princes' Gallery, and an exhibition on the top floor. The Turkish Room contains Augustus the Strong's magnificent Ottoman collection - yataghans, a whole ceremonial tent, horse armour, carpets, horsetail standards, huge flat stirrups, camel saddles, military headgear, … Saxony of the time appears in a new light, as a fulcrum between the Ottoman East and Christian Europe and as part of a world that extended as far as Khiva and Bokhara. The Princes' Gallery contains paintings and busts of Princes and Electors (there are a few Electresses too) of Saxony, going back to the Renaissance. I was struck by how obviously proud of their richness and power they are, how blatantly haughty. Some even sneer. Compare portraits of our political leaders nowadays, who present themselves as 'one of the people'. I'd also meant to go to the Paintings and Drawings Room on the top floor, which is said to be outstanding, but I got distracted by a wonderful exhibition in the room next door by an artist of whom I'd never heard called Gerhard Altenbourg, so I'll have to come back for the Paintings and Drawings. There's a Van Eyck that I'd particularly like to see.Augustus's Coins and Medals Collection and the Armoury are also said to be very, very good. I'll see them at the same time.
  • 207JimL
    A beautiful city despite the World War Two firebombings. Much of the city has been rebuilt. Well worth visiting.
  • Ana_Brasil
    The palace offers two different visits: a regular one, which includes acess to the tower, for a panoramic view of the city, and a special one, which gives access to a more expensive art collection. Each visit is sold separatedly and is quite expensive (more than 20 euros both visits).
  • wiewiorowski
    It has been a long time since I saw something as impressive as this. It is not the palace itself, a nice medium size renaissance building though it is with a splendid colonnaded courtyard, some towers, porticoes, staircases etc. It is the contents! But first things first. Residenzeschloss is situated right in the middle of the old city and consequently was flattened during the WW2 and even now some parts of it are still closed for ongoing restoration program. Conveniently it is next to the Cathedral, Opera House, Zwinger, Elba embankment. Kombiticket to see all there is to see costs 21Euros, taking photos is not permitted. Crème de la crème are surely the Historisches Grunes Gewolbe-the green vaults. It is a meticulously restored sequence of richly decorated rooms sole purpose of which has been to show off a collection of art objects of Saxon rulers: Augustus II the Strong and Augustus III, a good proportion of which survived. There is an Amber Room, Ivory, White Silver, Gilded Silver, Objet d’art, Jewels, Bronzes’ room etc. It literally takes your breath away such is the beauty, opulence and quality of the collection. And that is not all. One floor up and you find yourself amongst yet another “overflow” collection- Neues Grunes Gewolbe of exquisitely cut ivory pieces, fascinating, gilded, ages old clocks, curios, plum size gemstones, Mogul miniature court in gold, enamel and precious stones, and countless other priceless pieces. And yet this is not even such a huge collection! I have seen my share of museums: Royal Albert Hall, Munich, Budapest, Louvre and many others but this one by sheer concentration of exhibits, their beauty and the crafty way they are displayed is unique. Besides, there are also: long Princes’ Gallery of royal paintings, and on the second floor: Riesensaal-Armoury and Turckische Cammer-Turkish Collection. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly but towards the end we were barely able to drag ourselves to a museum outdoor café, which overlooks Zwinger. A word of advice: do not buy hot chocolate there, it is just instant cacao.
  • tonyb748
    The Dresden Palace was almost completely destroyed in the fire-bombing but has been painstakingly restored to its former glory. It should be top of anyone's list of sites to see. Containing the famous Green Vault and New Green Vault, both full of treasures collected by Augustus the Strong, the Turkish Room and the Armoury which provides an unparalleled insight into medieval armour and horse garnitures. But you need at least four or five hours to do the complex justice. Audio guides are free and almost mandatory.
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