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volo dell angelo

volo dell angelo

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  • albicusi
    The nature: wild and dramatic place in a green hillsideThe town(s): untouched homes built in the rock, where only one street it is NOT a stairThe atmosphere: magic, with the ancient castle ruins seem build in the skyThe emotions: unforgettable experience flying for real over the valleyThe food: local and rustic like the land; deliciousThe people: very friendly, used to help lost tourist and very kindThe trip; it is far far in the Lucania (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucania) region, but the roads are in perfect shape and we had no traffic at all. (we drove Saturday morning from Ancona (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancona) and back on Sunday afternoon, after the morning flight. 500 km (310 miles) each way. We drove for 6:30 hours, but stopping in Melfi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_of_Melfi) to visit the norman castle .We stayed at Le Costellazioni (http://www.lecostellazioni.eu/) a sort of spread out hotel, with many rooms with cooking corner around the town. Nice, basic, clean, comfy: 77 euros breakfast included for two is ok, but it is 77 euros even when there is only one guest, and this is a little pricey. We had dinner at La locanda di Pietra (http://www.lalocandadipietra.com/). Good service, local food, excellent and natural; some unique cows live there: the Podolico breed (http://culturecheesemag.com/farm-animal/podolico-cows) try both the steak and the cheeses.
  • CarolD949
    This was something to see - quite amazing! We drove to Castelmazzano from a neighboring town of Calvello in the Basilicata region. The attraction "Flight of the Angel" is a ride from the small, medieval town of Castelmezzano to its neighbor, Pietrapertosa in a harness on a zip line. You glide back and forth between two very grand and scenic dolomite mountains. The area is breathtaking, but the "ride" is not for the faint of heart. If you opt out of flying like an angel, you can still watch the participants and stroll around the very charming and unusual town. The restaurants there were bustling with locals and tourists and the food was quite good. A great day trip and an awesome adventure
  • joeythegirlhawaii
    I went today to do my "flight". It was hailing when we first arrived at Castelmezzano. They told me to wait to see if flight can happen later. We waited 40 minutes and the hail stopped but it was still sprinkling and there were tons of lightening! They told me "Okay. Flight go!" ARE YOU NUTS??!?!?! There is lightening everywhere!! I told them I did not feel comfortable with light rain and lightening. They said no refund! My husband and I walked back to our car and we did see a handful of people do the flight but there was lightening all around and it was sprinkling off and on. While we watched it began to downpour. That meant that people that went to one side were stuck until the rain stopped. We decided to leave and the rain did not let up for over an hour as we drove away! Had I done the flight I would have been at risk of getting struck by lightening AND I would have been stuck on the other side for who knows how long!! They are also poorly unorganized and very unprofessional! Get on a zipline with rain and lightening! HELL NO!!
  • Lancgoose
    For 40 Euro you get two rides, a TO and a FROM. Zip line is located between two mountain villages, Castelmazzano and Pietrapertosa . I'm 76 years old, and even though the trek up the mountainside is arduous, you will find the ride one of the most awesome things you have ever done. You zip line over the valley at more than 100 kph, and the drop is mind blowing. You are literally hanging via a special suit attached to a cable, and off you go.
  • MichaelT954
    Volo dell Angelo is not for the faint of heart nor is it for people who fear heights! It is absolutely out of this world!! It is extremely high, very fast and utterly thrilling! There is a bus that takes you part way up at Castelmezzano. The rest of the walk is steep and it takes about 20 minutes, but it's not that bad. Unless you are out of shape, I certainly wouldn't worry about it, because the "flight" is worth it! Besides, the hikes you have to make are in a beautiful area and the towns are very pretty. The "flight" from Castlemezzano to Peitrapertoza is longer and higher than the return trip, but from Peitrapertoza to Castlemezzano I think it is faster. Overall, it is an incredible experience and it shouldn't be missed!!
  • PainDoc5653
    The flight itself is fantastic. The haul up to the departure point in Castelmezzano is awful. I understand that the walk goes through a public area but there should be some way to transport people up there.
  • 3AngelaM3
    Absolutely amazing experience flying like a bird. Downside was that it ended too soon !!!
  • P3pPinieLl0
    un emozione senza pari, il volo dell angelo è sicuramente qualcosa che ti toglie il fiato. la posizione e lo scenario che offre alla vista e qualcosa di incantevole. Stupendo ...
  • 67olgav
    Abbiamo provato questa attrazione e siamo rimasti sorpresi. Attrazione meravigliosa Consigliamo a provare volo in 2 come abbiamo fatto noi. Dura pochi minuti, ma meraviglioso e indimenticabile.
  • 462patrizias
    salve, non ho potuto fare il volo dell'angelo ma i miei figgli che l'hanno fatto hanno detto che è qualcosa di fantastico. spero di poter fare anche io qsta esperienza
  • 842lucaz
    Molte persone del posto fanno notare che solo a Pietrapertosa è stato possibile costruire un impianto di volo così bello. Non soltanto il volo, ma anche lo spettacolo della natura e delle montagne, in un ambiente incontaminato, offrono al visitatore una spettacolo bellissimo e un'esperienza emozionante. Un traggitto di tre chilometri tra andata e ritorno a quasi 100 km. orari, consente di vivere ai massimi livelli le emozioni che si hanno quando si va in questo incredibile paese.
  • roccopavp
    ci sono stato in estate ma solo ora mi sono deciso di elogiare queasta meraviglia...ll Volo dell'Angelo si sviluppa tra i due graziosissimi borghi di Pietrapertosa e Castelmezzano. L'esperienza di volare a centinaia di metri di altezza a velocità sostenuta e sospesi ad un cavo di acciaio è veramente elettrizzante ed unica, una vera "botta" di adrenalina pura!
  • edwardd782
    Abbiamo sperimentato l'emozione del volo. E' la prima volta che ho volato. L'ebbrezza è indescrivibile. Per qualche istante si ha la sensazione dello stacco completo dal mondo e dalla realtà.
  • giaepab
    Il Volo dell'Angelo si sviluppa tra i due graziosissimi borghi di Pietrapertosa e Castelmezzano. L'esperienza di volare a centinaia di metri di altezza a velocità sostenuta e sospesi ad un cavo di acciaio è veramente elettrizzante ed unica, una vera "botta" di adrenalina pura!Altro
  • Ninabari84
    Davvero un'emozione fantastica! Troppo bello sia per la sensazione di volare sia per lo spettacolare panorama che ti si apre di fronte! Veramente unico!
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