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fritz walter stadion

fritz walter stadion

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  • DJonamission
    Went here to watch the FCK play! Great atmosphere and reasonably priced game. The fan energy is great! The prices for food are reasonable and the fun is amazing!
  • 894kevinu
    Built as one of the venues for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the stadium is home to the FC Kaiserslautern Red Devils. Fritz Walter Stadion is a great place to experience the fervor of Bundesliga 2 football - better root for the FCK Red Devils!! - in a top-rate stadion at minimal cost. Even sitting in the "nose-bleed" section, tickets cost ~16 euro, you have a great view of the pitch and the rodwy home/away diehard fans, with more freedom of movement than the lower, pricier seats reserved for season ticket holders or pitch-level seats. An added bonus of the upper-tier seats is the easy access to heated bathrooms that ring the top row. Circumvents the hassle of having to wait in huge lines between halves or missing large portions of the game trying to reach a bathroom levels below.One point of consideration is that the stadion is situated on top of a sizeable hill (mini-mountain) in Kaiserslautern. Parking is a no-go at the stadium on game day, so you have 2 options: compete for limited parking in Kaiserslautern with all of the other fans or take one of the complimentary shuttles (you must show your purchased ticket to ride for free) from the old Opel parking lot (currently under construction) off of B270. If you park in Kaiserslautern, you'll have to walk up the long, windy road with the masses...so a level of fitness is required if you opt not to catch one of the shuttles.Definitely recommend visitng Fritz Walter Stadion to watch a FCK match. Never been to the place outside fo attending a game; however, the FanShop is pretty legit and a great place to grab FCK garb throughout the week.
  • 0Rayman3
    The food here is your typical German fare, but the reason everyone comes is for the pleasant atmosphere in the outdoor seating area. There are many other places in the area with better food, but this place is still really good.
  • I8Europe
    If you live in Germany, you must experience a German soccer match. You can buy tickets at the Ramstein Community Center. All the tickets are in a "Family" section at the stadium. Still a great view, but away from some of the rowdier fans. Take your family. I have taken my kids and wife several times and everyone loves to go. There is a lot of food at the stadium. You give your money to an attendant by the doors in front of the food courts and they give you a card with credit on it that you actually use to purchase your brat, fries and coke if you so choose. Make sure and turn your card in on your way out to get your change back. The stadium is completely covered, so no rain worries, but it can get cold in the winter.Have fun!
  • kassierer
    Very nice stadium and landmarks of the city. Unfortunately, the team and management isn't able to pick up the values and tradionen build up in the 20th century.
  • Ann-RickL
    We went to several FCK games here as well as a band concert and found there are no bad seats. They have a nice club area and Kaiserslautern provides excellent security. If you are attending a game, you'll be able to find vendors along the walk up the hill for scarfs, t-shirts, etc. NOTE: if you wish to buy concessions, you need to get a stadium debit card from the register gal found along the window walls. You have to LOAD $$ (Euro) to the card (cash or credit), then go to the concession to spend it. If you did not spend your stadium card down to zero you can keep it for the next game or go back to the gal for a refund at the end of you event.
  • 464kevink
    What else is there to say that has not been said. Five players from 1FCK in the World Cup win in 1954! Unfortunately I missed the legendary 7-4 game against Bayern in 1973. I was at the 5-0 against Real Madrid and the 3-1 against FC Barcelona along with many, many memorable games in the Champions League, UEFA Cup, Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga. My wife and I continue to have season tickets even though we live in the Virgin Islands. When we are in K-town we religiously put our red and white on, walk up the Betzenberg and sit with our close friends, Harald, Steffi, Uli, and Angela. I wouldn't wouldn't miss it for the world. I have been to games in the rain, in the snow and in the very cold. It has allways been the best! When we retire we will able to bee there regularly again.....I can't wait.
  • JulianFrench
    Your first sight of the Fritz Walter Stadion is it being perched precariously on the top of a hill overlooking the town centre - a truly awe-inspiring sight!The stadium is very impressive, with wrap-around stands and a great home terrace holding over 15,000 bonkers Germans.One of the best stadia I have visited in Europe - a great match-day experience.
  • theonlyzetto
    What should I write about this fantastic stadium with the fantastic and fanatic fans? Try it! One of the experience you should try in your lifetime to visit "de betze"!
  • UGADawg2006
    So far, I have been to five different football stadiums in Germany and Fritz Walter Stadion is definitely one of the best. The seats are close to the action (read: no track or gaping space between the seats and the pitch), the WestCurve is full of roudy, loyal fans, and the pitch is in excellent condition. It is a fantastic place to watch a football game.
  • JennInGermany
    My friends and I loved our time at this game! We were just on the edge of nose-bleed and the next pricier section. The opposing fans lit off road flares and the hometeam was on their feet the whole time. I would not recommend sitting in the "Fan" section your first visit (if one even can w/o season passes). They have a credit card system of buying food and drinks. You pay a deposit for the card and pre-load it at one of the cashiers. The vendors don't take 'real money' only the card. The shuttle bus service from various points in Kaiserslautern is easy to use and free if you have tickets for the game. If you are on the north (?) side of the stadium, there is a great view of the city from the restaurant area. we are all looking forward to going again!
  • celovich
    Great place to catch a game amongst some diehard fans! Very exciting game. Nonsmokers beware-smoke fills the air!
  • Mtmiller72
    Attended two games this month...my only soccer/football games I've attended. Enjoyed the atmosphere...very much collegiate. Good prices and fun!
  • dgunsch
    Too bad the team didn't stay in the 1st league longer. We were there on a gorgeous day. The stands are clean and the fans are great.
  • DebD547
    While the 1FCK Soccer Team is not doing well, we were quite impressed with the stadium when we watched a game in December. It is fairly new facility perched on top of a hill in K-Town. Parking was an issue (if you didn't like walking up the mountain to the stadium). The food service system was great and the lines were not bad
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