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hambacher schloss

hambacher schloss

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  • Phil_OPKS
    For me and a non-native German, the most impressive part was the Schloss exterior. The interior is totally renovated and modern housing an exhibit of the top floor explaining the 1832 conference that formed the basis for the democratic movement in following years. Very detailed if you are interested in this aspect.
  • JessicaUtrecht
    When we stayed in Diedesfeld (Neustadt a/d Weinstrasse), we hiked to the castle. The view from the castle is magnificent. Inside is an exhibition about the historic events that took place in the castle, but unfortunately, most of this is in German :(. The castle itself is not impressive. You can work around the castle without an entrance ticket, so that's what I would recommend. The restaurant (terrace with a view!) you can also visit without entrance ticket.
  • Jaytara
    The castle is magnificent, the views are breathtaking, and we especially remember it because our daughter's wedding ceremony was held there followed by a champagne reception in the restaurant and terrace. Unforgettable experience.
  • LauraP434
    Hambacher Schloss has great views. The inside has a museum but everything is in German. There are some hands on exhibits. So if you can read German, it's worth it, otherwise skip the inside for which there is a fee. This castle has a restaurant, as well, which we did not use except for a coffee. There are also banquet facilities and a staged area for plays and entertainment, which was not the purpose of our visit. These take up a lot of the castle. There is handicap parking and/or drop off. Otherwise there is a short hike up to the castle.
  • Helena_JM
    I had heard of this castle before and the event that took place there but after my visit I was definitely more knowledgeable. Since the exhibition is only in German, you should add the extra cost of the audio guide. The audio tour was packed with information. I'd say that it isn't the best audio guide tour I've experienced because the narrative kind of jumped back and forth and the sections were fairly long. i believe some points were covered several times. So if you're visiting at the end of the day and you've already done a fair amount of sightseeing, you may be a bit tired to take it all in. But if you take your time to sit down and listen to it, you will learn a lot.Also, the original flag (or what's left of it) is on display there, so this reminded me of the museum in Washington DC where they keep the US flag.The castle looks well renovated from the outside. Unluckily, there are no enticing old interiors to look at and it looks like most of the castle has been appropriated for the seminars, conferences and other events. Indeed, the big hall we peeked into could host some splendid weddings.If you prefer to learn about the history of this place online, it may not be a bad idea (in case you're not THAT much into history and you don't want to pay for ticket and audio guide). Still, you may venture up there by car (or then by bus) to look at the castle from the outside and enjoy the views of the Palatinate.
  • ElizabethR150
    The people I was staying with suggested I go to the schloss, and I'm glad they did. It was really nice. Admission was not too expensive (as a student it was only 1.5 Euros). Since I do not read German I also opted for an audio guide. It was very informative, and I learned a lot. The exhibits looked awesome. A lot of them where interactive. I think it would be enough to entertain a child. I would have gotten a lot more out of this stop if I spoke German. There were hiking trails around the castle and into the city. The view is nice. To get the the Schloss take bus 502 from the Nuestadt train station it drops you off 200 meters from the entrance. On the way back I decided to take the trails back to the city. Be warned, the sign says 5km to the train station. It's closer to 8km.
  • msgtp
    Stumbled across the site of the Hambacher riots for democracy and it was very interesting, informative. Great exhibition and a fantastic view.
  • alanfairhurst2
    The Schloss is considered the birthplace of German democracy following a huge meeting in 1832 (the Schloss was a ruin then) to demand political improvements. There is a splendid exhibition in the restored Schloss that is well worth a visit - as is the cafe!
  • GermanJody
    Although we actually chose to visit the castle because of the restaurant, we were very glad to have returned for a Sunday morning tour. The extra few euros were well spent for the hour guided tour conducted by a German history teacher, who not only impressed us with his detailed knowledge of the castle and its history but also was highly entertaining - no overdose of dry facts and dates but choice anecdotes to make history come to life for his attentive audience.We also really enjoyed the interactive exhibits on the role of the castle as one very important birthplace of democracy in Germany. The designers of the exhibit have evidently thought a lot about how display their artefacts (like the actual flag used during the famous Hambach Festival in 1832) in a way that makes the past real and relevant. After being spoiled by museums in the US and UK with their careful attention to different kinds of visitors' needs, we're delighted to see that German museums are also beginning to see the importance of making a museum informative and entertaining. The exhibits here are multi-lingual, by the way, so those who don't know much German can still learn a lot.Perhaps it would've been just a bit better if the creators had used real historic personalities instead of the fictional characters whose stories you can hear throughout the exhibits, but then visiting a museum should be different than reading a dissertation. We've certainly learned a lot more now about German history from having taken the tour and having "played with" the exhibits. We'll bring our nieces and nephews along for the next trip since the exhibits were also obviously designed with families in mind.
  • dnvpaul
    The Hambacher castle is famous for German history fans, but even if you are not a history fan, it is worth a visit. The view across the Rhein Plain is beautiful. There is an excellent restaurant in the castle, with outdoor and indoor seating. The walk up the hill from Hambach is steep at points, but the forest is nice and it makes for a relaxing outing.
  • weltenbummler07
    Nice location reminding on the beginning of democratic movements in 19th century. Take a bit of time and enjoy walking around with a nice view on the surroundings
  • hubertusmarial
    Dort bekam die Deutschlandflagge ihre Farben. Ähnlich wie Wood-stock, nur 130 Jahre früher. Eigentlich ein Ungehorsam, durch eine Kirmes als Alibi versteckt. Endlich konnte jeder, sogar Frauen mit zahllosen Reden ihrem Unmut freiem Lauf lassen. Schwarz/rote Bänder mit goldener Bordüre waren die Vorläufer unserer heutigen Flagge. Liebevoll wird die Geschichte erzählt, wenn auch einige Geräte mittlerweile defekt sind. Das Restaurant bietet eine erholsame Zeit nach dem Besuch der Burg, sicherlich weil noch keine Saison war.
  • 839olivers
    Museum , Aussicht in die Rheinebene , Neustadt Weinstraße , alles in der Nähe , und damit die Auszeichnung , Urlaubsregion vom feinsten ***
  • Tricatell
    Dieses Schwergewicht der deutschen Geschichte muss man einmal besucht haben. Neben der tollen Aussicht über die Pfalz bis zur Rheinebene, kann dort auch sehr schön Wandern oder zum Schloss von Hambach her durch die Weinberge und den Wald erklimmen. Deutsche Geschichte wird hier sehr interessant auf sehr vielen Hinweisschildern gut erklärt, es schadet daher sicherlich nicht, wenn man auch gelangweilten Kindern auf diese Weise etwas Bildung verpasst. Erholen kann man sich im neuen Schlossrestaurant, dass man sehr toll architektonisch an Schloss angebetet hat.
  • adrianoamorim1
    Um castelo muito bonito localizado em uma colina que tem o mesmo nome do Castelo. Sua altitude é de 380 metros acima do mar de onde se vê as plantações de vinhos e grande parte da cidade.
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