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rheinstein castle

rheinstein castle

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    "Burg Rheinstein" is nowadays a interesting museum with a long history...


  • 63Amandac12
    We loved this castle! It was nice that we could just explore on our own, and didn't have to follow a tour guide around. The views from this castle are also amazing, even though we went on a rainy day it was well worth it! The hike up is fairly steep and goes side to side up the hill, but I did it at 4 months pregnant; they have benches at each corner for you to rest one if needed. We didn't have much time to explore, and went one a day with many tour groups going through, so we plan on going back during the summer!
  • OceanSoulNZ
    Burg Rheinstein is one of the oldest castles in the Rhine Valley, and the one we most enjoyed. The hilltop castle dates back to around 900AD, and is an hour's walk from the tiny village of Trechtings-Hausen. Though not a large castle, the rooms are nicely restored and there are magnificent river views from the tower tops and castle garden. Well worth a visit on your journey along the southern Rhine.
  • onebreakfast
    This is one of the best castles along the river we visited. From the dungeon to the tower cage where they put their unwanted, this was an amazing visit. Most of the castle was accessable. The rooms were elegantly reconditioned. They made you feel as if time had stood still. Be forwarned that there are many stairs to climb to get to the top. The private chapel was elegant. A must see if you are in the area.
  • LauriLiberty_TX
    We toured several castles on a recent 2 week trip and this was my favorite by far.It is beautiful and well maintained. The only draw back was the climb to the castle but I think there may be a way to get a ride up the path to it.It is well worth the walk up!!
  • Jannykae
    My castle experience was frustrating due to misinformation, my inability to speak German, and unsuccessfully trying to make it work for my 88 year old mother in law. All the information that you need is available in German, or by calling, but if you have limited internet, phone service or time, you won't have a good understanding of how things are set up at Burg Rheinsten. Here are a couple key things I learned: The walk to the Castle from the road is steep and not suitable for anyone with walking devices or with poor tolerance to activity. And the tractor that has been spoken of is only available for fee and by advanced booking of at least a day (not sure how far in advance, but 15 minutes doesn't do it), and even then maybe not depending on the crew available on site for the day that you need it. You cannot eat in the restaurant unless you pay the admission fee to the Castle. You must pay 3 Euro's for a written English guide to the Castle. It appears that the family runs the operation with integrity and hard work, but without flexibility or grace for special needs or international visitors.
  • gk2005
    This is one of the best castle we visited while staying in Rhein region. It is privately owned, purchased by the Hecher family in 1975. The castle is well worth the visit starting with the gardens. There are multiple levels, furnishings and terraces. This is a self service tour. We was surprised to see the number of royal families represented in the portraits. Original furnishings, armor, paintings, iron works are just a few of the things represented.There are restrooms, gift shop, a restaurant on site and they are making good wine.
  • libbidy
    My husband and I stopped at this castle in a whim on our bike ride from Bacharach to Bingam and we are very glad we stopped! The castle is a lot of fun. You can buy a guide book which tells you about the castle and the self guided tour is very easy to follow. You get to wander around the whole castle. The rooms are funprnished and the views are stunning. There is a bathroom and light refreshments at the ticket/souvineer shop. The restaurant is only open Wednesday through Sunday. This castle is definately worth it!
  • 925job
    Wow, this place was cool. So beautiful. I would go back here. They were setting up for a wedding and I bet it was just perfect for the couple. The castle is furnished which makes it really neat to see. You can walk around almost the whole thing which is also great! There are great views of the river as well. They have a nice breakfast plate if you go early. Where you park is on a very, very busy road. Watch out for your kids and pets.
  • jessikalondon
    Take a trip by one of the cruises to Rheinstein castle,only about 20 minutes from Rudesheim and only costing a few euros to visit this stunning burg.Be aware of the long upward walk the the castle but well worth the effort.Have lunch or a drink in the restaurant overlooking the stunning view.You can even stay the night !!!
  • Scuba_Divers
    Nicely maintained, very pretty grounds, steep walk up hill (but manageable), interesting history, able to self guide and explore all nooks and crannies. Very little was "off limits". We arrived to the cafe closed because it was hosting a reception for a wedding ... which was really neat. Wear sturdy shoes - there are a lot of steps outside and inside. This was our first castle in the 8 day tour so I can't give it 5 stars when we also toured Heidelburg and Neuschwanstein. Reasonable (5 Euros) entry fee and not mobbed with people. Read other reviews for info on parking, etc. View of the Rhine was excellent - especially the town on the opposite side.
  • northcardiffian
    This has to be the best castle we visited while staying on the Rheingold. It is privately owned (purchased by the Hecher family in 1975 in a poor state of repair and restored since with the help of 'Friends of Rheinstein'). The interior and exterior can be visited on your own with their informative guidebook. The rooms are furnished and really give you an idea of how the castle was lived in, in the opulence of the 19th century.A real 'must-see' but don't be put off by the climb to reach it, there are plenty of places to sit and take a breather on the way up and a great cafe terrace with magnificent views when you get there.There are 2 small car park bays directly on the Rhein-side road, and apparently they have a small tractor and trailer which will come and fetch you from the car park no. 1 (nearest to Trechtinghausen) if you really can't make the climb. Apparently all you need to do is ring the castle to request the tractor 15 minutes before you arrive on 06721 6377.....I didn't see it anyone use this service but did see the tractor and trailer at the top...I hope it works because it is a fantastic castle, too good to miss because your legs aren't up to it!
  • senoritajva
    The castle is owned privately and really wants their visitors to explore the castle at their leisure. This was one of the best castles and was fun to explore and photograph/ video tape.
  • thefrancophile
    We visited here by boat from Assmannshausen - it's only a few minutes. Then walked up the zig-zag path from the boat landing. Cost of entry is very reasonable. Spectacular views of the Rhine from the upper areas. We took a picnic lunch as the cafe was closed on the day we visited - I believe the cafe is open Weds - Sun. Highly recommended for a half day trip.
  • GulliverTom
    We live in Europe and have seen many castles in Germany and throughout Europe--this is definitely one of the best. My only complaint, if you will, that I'll state up front is it's also one of the pricier burgs you'll visit, costing us 5 euros each for a self tour. That aside, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we began to explore the extensive rooms in the place. Many were open for us to walk through; others were caged shut where you could look but not touch. I would have loved to have had a guided tour with access to all areas; that's something we'll see is available next time. The place just goes and goes...room after room...floor after floor. So many pictures, artifacts, and the obligatory mounted hunting trophies to see. Alot yourself at least 90 mins to enjoy it all. There are restrooms, gift shop, and a restaurant on site. Parking is free and the small lot--that probably fills up fast--is right next to the castle which is also another rare thing to see.
  • amanditacj
    When we went 20 years ago, there were less rooms to go in. Now, they have opened up the top part where the princes' and princess apartments are. We relearned a lot about the castle. My 16 yr old son who made a presentation about this castle was thrilled to see it live! The boys had fun. It was special to see a wedding reception, it added a romantic touch to the castle.
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