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mosel-vinothek & wine museum

mosel-vinothek & wine museum

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    The Mosel-Vinothek in Bernkastel-Kues is the biggest vinothek for...


  • Falling_Ken
    We came as part of a group from our river boat tour. I was unsure at the start, but we received our wine glass and pretzel and down to the cellar we went. I was amazed at the number and variety of wines available and have to admit I did my best to sample a broad variety of the available vintages. The ability to compare different wines was informative. I enjoyed wines from sweet to dry and all in between, even a nice selection of red wines were available to taste. Definitely one of the highlights of our tour and a memorable stop. Don't miss this when your in Bernkastel-Kues. I hope to come back again.
  • CosmicDublin
    This was wonderful. A cool cellar populated by hundreds of Rieslings, and a few Spatburgunders and even a Rotling. We loved the way you could just wander at your own pace, taste anything you liked, and drink all the water you wanted as well as tasting the wines. there was a history of all the producers on the walls. I loved also how you could buy any of the wines you liked. We will definitely visit it again. Way too many wines to taste in one trip. Sehr Shoen und Wonderbar.
  • travel_my_world1988
    We went here in low season so it was nice and calm. We spend 1u30 inside since there were so many wines to taste and the ones with numbers 116, 117 and 102 were amazing! We only had to pay 12 euro because instead of 140 wines only 110 were available. Great place!
  • h0lidayanimal
    In the cellar of the Vinotek in the grounds of the Saint Nikolaus Hospital you can taste 150 wines from the Mosel Valley for 18€. A bargain. There is sparkling and red wine in addition to the white which is the speciality of the region. Each wine has some information (only in German I am afraid) and you are issued with a sheet on which you can record your impressions. Should you wish to buy the wine it is available for purchase. We spent a very pleasant couple of hours on a chilly afternoon improving our knowledge of the region's prime export.
  • tahaus
    The Mosel Vinothek and WIne Museum is an amazing place that not many people know about. It really is a representation of many wineries in the Mosel Valley and a centralized location where you can taste wines that range from dry, off dry, sweet, and dessert style rieslings to rose's and even reds. All in all, 140 different wines to sample. All in a 300+ year old cellar. Ask for Tobias if you're there. He's a really nice, friendly guy that is happy to show you around and have you taste some wine. In fact, when we arrived, they were closing in just 10 minutes. Tobias allowed us to stay for about an hour and helped pick wines for us to sample that matched our interest. He made the experience that much better. Go there and enjoy, you won't forget it (unless you actually sample 140 wines!).
  • frtravler
    If you are tired of fighting the tourist hoards on the streets of Bernkastel, cross over the bridge to Kues. The Vinothek is wonderful-- you can taste unlimited wines if you wish, for a charge of 18 euro or just sit upstairs and order by the glass with light snacks. A perfect way to get to know the Reisling wines of the Moselle. We did not visit the Museum.
  • thomasr0
    132 wines to taste! Huge cellar below very fine building.Just 18 euros!Close to the river in lovely surroundings
  • MitchEmck
    This should be your first stop on any wine trip to the Mosel. Staff are helpful, it's centrally located, plenty of information and 140 local wines open for you to get you bearings on the local area and styles. For a small fee you get a glass, a numbered list then it is off downstairs in the cellar to pour yourself whatever interests you. You can also order cheese plates to take along on your little wine tasting journey if you want.It is the best way to get a quick overview, especially if limited for time. There is a cafe upstairs and I heard the museum is pretty good although I didn't go myself.
  • honohi
    We got a good start with this tasting cellar. The selection of wines was good- and we had a taste of quite a few.
  • SaraJane_H_123
    We visited this museum based on the recommendation from the Lonely Planet Germany guide. However we were very disappointed. There was no one on the front reception and you have to go to the Vinothek to pay. Although the guide had said interactive and in English, very little was interactive, other than pressing a button on a screen to read information about wine generally. Most of the time the screens did not work and there was little specific information about the Mosel Valley in particular. We did go to look at the Vinothek and considered doing the wine tasting, as there is a phenomenal amount of wine in the cellar. However again, very little information appeared to be in English, so we felt we wouldn't learn much about the wines we were drinking. It is a shame as we would like to have become more experienced in wine and wine of the region in particular.
  • Aner_830
    Try and taste the wine before you go out to the wine producers. I recommend this as the first stop if you are interesting in wines in the Mosel Valley.
  • Gjarrs
    Over 100 wines can be tasted for 18 euros, obviously the quality of the wines can be a subjective thing, none the less it is worth the entry price. Unfortunatly there was quite a large amount of American tourists there, which by their nature tend to be loud and seemed to be more interested in getting their 18 euros worth of " booze" .. So it was quite off puttingI don't recommend the wine museum next door, not to much going on there
  • davidcT5447GZ
    Came here at the end of our day visiting Bernkastel with our group from an Avalon river tour. We got our wine glass and pretzel and were given run of the cellar to taste all the wines we wanted. Everyone seemed to enjoy the visit and we left with a bottle to share later. It was great!
  • jorgem792
    This is a perfect location for a wine tasting of more than 100 wines from the Moselle valley. After paying the admission of EUR 18 you can walk around the cellar and taste all wines on your own. Some wines can only be tasted upstairs at the bar, as they are too expensive to be made available in the cellar. There is a short description for each wine on a board. Can totally recommend this place.
  • madeira10
    The most comprehensive offering of high level Mosel wines you will ever come across. At a cost of 20 euros you can sample over 100 outstanding wines. Small producers, legendary wine makers: it's all there. Charming, very professional welcome will make you feel "at home" immediately. If you want to discover what Mosel Riesling is all about or if you are a wine connoisseur your expectations will be surpassed.Each wine is given it's complete pedigree i.e. wine maker, vineyard, type of wine, alcohol level, residual sugar and acidity content.The ancient building, the pleasant court yard where food and wine are available completes the hedonistic experience.Is it what 'Wine Heaven' looks and tastes like? probably
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