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pescara vecchia - old pescara

pescara vecchia - old pescara

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  • Nicolaccio72
    Pizza base absolutely gorgeous. Would have like a bit more friendly and smiley service. Warm and nice place.
  • GeorgyP421
    We arrived at Pescara airport from Stansted airport. I was about an hours drive from there to the location we stayed at.Italy was great. It was my second trip this time I stayed with my friend in a place called Montebello de Bertona. The nearest town was Penne and the nearest airport is Pescara. It’s kind of central Italy on the east coast. It is part of the Gran sasso national park area. Yes it was good to get away and just relax, not think of work or anything else.The area is quite a mountainous and in that region, we went to the top of the mountains where you can also ski at a place called Campo Imperatone.It was very sunny at the top when we arrived but lower down you could still see it was cloudy, as you can imagine. I found it to be very picturesque, postcard type. My only wish was that I should have brought a proper camera.We had lots of pasta, I am not really a big fan of pasta but it was nice to try different varieties and the genuine article. We ate out every night and there are lots of courses, and I found it very filling. One night we had pizza and we saw them making it on the clay oven in the restaurant. It was great to see (photo opportunity missed) lots of sampling. Would I go again? Well yes, if it’s hot and sunny, love the sun as you know. But if you are going in the winter time, you must be properly prepared, i.e. winter woollies, layers and boots for walking. I would have liked to have done a bit more walking around the Sasso Park but didn't have any boots for that. Apparently the locals do it regularly; even the old folks and they live to a ripe old age.It’s essentially a nice retreat to go to.Oct 2011
  • amandac338
    Being an avid tripadviser devotee and having planned many of my summer trips around recommendations, I was unsure on whether this area was worth a visit, there were a few comments mentioning it at night but not much on the way of clarity on its day time reviews. It is worth a visit if you like a long walk from the upmarket pedestrianised centre of pescara, but it is fairly rustic and not much to look at during the day. There are some interesting architectural features but possibly nothing breathtaking. My recommendation would be to go if you want to experience the diversity of pescara and like a wander, but go with your expectations well managed.
  • Helenat7
    During the day it's quiet and peaceful, great to see the old buildings.The museum of Abruzzan life is interesting. At night there are loads of good restaurants and bars.
  • Terrontana
    Pescara vecchia is one of the best places to visit once in Pescara.Day time you have D`annunzio museum while during the night you have a great selection of pubs and restaurants. Very good place to visit once in Pescara!
  • BobC558
    This is a hidden gem of a neighborhood full of restaurants and bars - but only at night. If you go in the daytime hours, it will seem deserted and unused.
  • cf0113
    Excellent for beach lovers... Many places to choose from and restaurants with endless options. Beach per se its not to good in Pescara but if you walk or drive 5 10 miles they are much better. The shopping it's amazing!!! Was the best part of the trip.
  • ColleenCo
    You cannot leave Pescara without taking a walk along Corso Manthone' in the old part of the town. The road is lined with pubs, restaurants and bars of all sorts. In summer and spring the area is crammed with outdoor seating so you can enjoy people walking by. Apart from the different food offered, there are places for teenagers, the older ones, the young ones, lesbians, gays, snobs or stingy people! There is something for everyone and each place has its own atmosphere. Just a few minites away from the city centre
  • katiad384
    Non rientra nei miei canoni di Ristorazione situato nella Pescara vecchia questo ristorante guarda più alla forma che alla sostanza il cibo e' buono e presentato bene ma il prezzo e' alto sopratutto per il caffè' di cui hanno una carta
  • dadam2015
    una passeggiata a pescara vecchia è come camminare in uno scorcio di una città antica ma rimodernizzata.forse la concentrazione di ristoranti "superiori alla media" più alta di pescara, ma considerate che ogni cosa ha il suo prezzo...ma ripeto, alcuni dei migliori (e storici) ristoranti sono lì affiancati da pizzerie/ristoranti/kebab a prezzi popolari.consiglio vivamente una passeggiata per queste due vie....ma non a serata inoltrata...la movida qui è ad altissima concentrazione, rendendo il passaggio impossibile. inoltre, non è raro che divenga un luogo di risse. Diversi episodi tristi hanno avuto come panorama queste vie soprattutto il fine settimana. Durante la settimana è pressoché vuoto!Quindi, sì...ben venga la cena, ben venga una passeggiata dopo cena....ma sempre un occhio aperto a chi si ha intorno!
  • kiara_saba
    Zona della movida pescarese caratterizzata da molti locale e ristoranti,punto di ritrovo del sabato sera prima di andare a ballare,di solito impraticabile per le troppe persone
  • Innokentia
    На мой взгляд, Пескара вообще город "без лица", и ее так называемый "старый город" из двух улочек - это просто ноль по сравнению с красивыми итальянскими городами. Вечером здесь немного приятнее.
  • andreapU6343OZ
    Molto caratteristiche le vie di Pescara vecchia. A capodanno sono gremite di gente. Un susseguirsi di locali molto carini e da provare. Da ripetere e Consigliatissimo
  • Simone2876
    Se vuoi trovare un locale dove mangiare devi per forza fare un giro a Pescara Vecchia! Dopo lo sviluppo della zona ci sono decine di esercizi commerciali che possono soddisfare tutte le fasce d'età. Piacevole passeggiare sia d'inverno che d'estate. L'unico neo è che alcune volte per la troppa folla possono verificarsi delle zuffe tra personaggi poco raccomandabili ubriachi!
  • 464eugeniat
    Sicuramente Corso Manthone è conosciuto per i suoi locali e le stradine caratteristiche!E' sempre pieno di gente la serata e allo stesso tempo rappresenta la storia di Pescara!
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